Wednesday, December 14, 2011

why anthro, why?

Shame on you anthropologie! Sending me a catalog just weeks before Christmas knowing damn well that I only shop your gorgeous, yet overpriced, racks for myself. After reviewing the highly glossed pages of your catalog, which may I mention was one of the thickest ones I’ve received this holiday season, my credit card was threatening suicide if I dare pull it out of it’s cushy slot in my wallet to make a purchase either in store or off of your website. Let's run through some of my must-haves, shall we?

First, let's talk about this coat. You'll recognize her as the Runway Lapel coat and she's going for a mere $198 (insert eye roll here). Actually that's not THAT unreasonable for a coat and she's quite the beauty. The cowl neckline is so perfectly tucked under and the black buttons on the winter white fabric is a lovely contrast. It's also perfect for showcasing your favorite scarf that normally gets hidden underneath your coat.

Next up is something cute to wear to the office. The Tie neck sweater dress is better than your average sweater dress. The sleek silhouette and contrasting colors is what attracted me and might I also mention, anything with a bow at the neckline belongs in my closet. But for $158?? Ugh! Give me a break.

Now, this pretty little thing is the Sessile Harvest top and will cost you $68. She consists of all things that I happen to be obsessed with. Mustard yellow- so flattering on me, that pleating that resembles ruffles- love it, and lace?? Neeeeeed it!

At first glance, I passed up on the Nolana skirt, priced at $158. Then, I saw this picture...

..and I fell in love. The lace stands out and looks so perfect paired with a heavier sweater and tights. See,'re a sly one. You know just how to reel me in.

The Polished Platinum Dress is the ultimate holiday party dress, whether its business or with friends. My only question is what's with the $388 price tag? Is the thread used to make it 14k gold??

Here goes the Audrey Tulle Dress, another one pushing the $400 mark- $398 to be exact. But really, it's friggin gorgeous. The lace has this victorian-esque detail to it and the draping at the neckline is beyond flattering. I already have a go to LBD but what girl couldn't use another?

The Lorna Dress would be great for a summer a matter of fact I know of a summer wedding coming up that I could wear this to! It also reminds me of a BCBG dress that I kinda loved and the $188 price tag for the Lorna beats out the $400 one for the BCBG

The Iced Garland Cowlneck (in white- $128) and the Plaited Illusion Cardi (in taupe- $88) both look so comfy! I just wanna cuddle up in them all winter long.

Looking forward to spring we have the Fresh as Air top (in green- $78) and the Ruffled Cape Tank (in blue- $58). The Fresh as Air would be perfect paired with ink rinse skinny jeans and red patent leather flats and the blue of the Ruffled Cape Tank will be my go to color for the spring. It once was peach. Clearly, I've moved on.

If this shopping spree actually took place my grand total would be $1,908 (without tax). Really Anthro?? What are you trying to do to me? If your going to make expensive clothing could you at least make them ugly? This newlywed who's trying to build up a savings would be forever grateful...

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