Friday, March 30, 2012

t minus 10 days

10 more days until I'll be...


heading here


with this cute husband


and these fabulous friends
wearing this adorable dress


arriving at this fantastic hotel


settling into this room


with this view


swimming on this beach


and this pool


that has this amazing view of the beach


We can sip on these drinks


at this restaurant


and go out for a fancy dinner at this restaurant


we'll be shopping here


and taking a day trip here


If you can't already tell..I'm beyond excited, and this yearning for vacation is hitting me hard on this early Friday afternoon when all I want to do is crash into a bed and sleep.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

from blah to ooh la la

After 7 months of living in our apartment I FINALLY got around to organizing and arranging my dresser. This project got put on the back burner for so long because there always seemed to be something that was taking precedence and I was also waiting on a piece as a finishing touch. Well, I put my foot down (and gave up on that missing piece I needed wanted) and finally did it. The outcome- I like it...quite a bit.



7 months of that can get depressing.







Aahhh...much better. Decorating this space was so much more pleasant than decorating the rest of the apartment because there was no compromising involved. It's my space so I got to make it exactly the way I wanted it to look. That felt good.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

weekly wednesday weigh in

So, Wednesday…we meet again.

Today just seemed to sneak up out of nowhere. My first thought this morning was “Wednesday? Already? But I’m not ready for the scaleeeeee. “ Unfortunately, I’m not letting myself have much of a choice in the matter. I had to get on that damn thing.

I have a confession…I cheated and did a quick lil mid-(weight loss)week weigh in on Saturday. I was glad I did though when the scale said I lost 3 lbs!! I was shocked and beyond excited- jumping up and down, yelling for hubby to come in the bathroom and experience this joy with me..the whole 9 yards. That weigh in put me in the most amazing mood for the rest of the day. A 3 lb. weight loss (when you’ve been struggling to lose anything for 3 months) will do that to you.

Fast forward to this morning. I was pretty sure I had kept the 3 lbs. (or at least most, ok, half of it) off so I was fairly confident when I stepped on. On the food front, I had stayed pretty much in line. I used most of my flex points but that was mostly due to the dinner we had Saturday night…yummy, evil steak. Ok, so..lets recap. Down 3 lbs Saturday, stayed within my flex points..a recipe for success! Tell me why that scale said I was back up 3 lbs? I had a big giant WTF moment…at 6:10 a.m immediately after waking up. The last thing I needed.. so, I did the only thing that would make me feel better. Retreated to the couch, wrapped myself in my fleece blanket, and watched last week’s DVRed episode of Mob Wives that’s been waiting ever so patiently for me. All the while cursing that damn scale.

I’ve always known the weekends were the cause of my diet demise but I didn’t realize that I could lose 3 lbs from Wednesday to Saturday and then gain it all back from Saturday to Wednesday. That’s horrible! And depressing… The weekends are a rough time for me, I don’t know what else to do besides stay home and cook. That also turns me into a hermit because unfortunately, most of my socializing is done over dinner and/or drinks..and it’s kind of awkward to go out to dinner with friends when you’ve already ate. That leads to 1 of 2 things…you sitting there foodless and gazing off aimlessly while everyone’s stuffing their faces OR you give into temptation and end up eating dinner # 2 (or the caloric equivalent to dinner in the form of an appetizer or dessert). I am not a Hobbit, 2nd dinner is unacceptable no matter which way you slice it.

I’m starting to get into vacation mode so food wise I plan on doing a little detox during the week and a half before it’s time to leave. Cutting back tremendously on carbs, cheese, and non-diet approved sweets/snacks. I need to give it my best shot to look as good as I possibly can before I appear in public in a bathing suit. Lucky for me, the pre-planned dinners for the rest of the week coincide with my detox idea that I thought up this morning. I’ll figure out a plan for my weekend problem when I’m back from St. Thomas. I think a tan will help me think more clearly anyway…

Monday, March 26, 2012


I truly can’t believe it. This weekend flew by in the blink of an eye..and that’s, what’s the word I’m looking for- oh yea, atrocious. I like to savor a weekend, try to make it last for as long as possible so when I don’t get that I’m automatically put in a bad mood. I’m in such a bad mood this morning that hearing Bruno Mars’ “It Will Rain” from two different radios, one 3 beats behind the other, is making me want to punch something. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating…but I’m not a happy camper.

So, what happened this weekend? Saturday was a yucky morning, for all sorts of reasons, so lounging/naps were required. We finally ventured off the couch at 2 to start getting ready for our 5:30 dinner reservation with the parents. What? It takes me some time to get ready…

{entire outfit from NY&Co.- think I shop there too much?}

The 5 of us all could finally get our schedules to align so we could take them out to Teller’s to say thank you for helping us, ever so generously, with our wedding. Good times were had…


1. the Dad's 2. our parting gift 3. Mom & her fish 4. 38 oz. bone in ribeye 5. pinot 6. & 7. yummy sides
{not pictured- duck fat french fries, diver scallops & mushrooms, and Founders Dirty Bastard Ale- all were devoured too quickly}

Hubby required a quick trip to the mall Sunday afternoon and I really didn’t anticipate buying anything except a new liquid eyeliner from Sephora. It could’ve been a lot worse but I walked out with all this


Why does that always happen?

I don’t know how I did it but Sunday night I also convinced hubby to do a double date to the movies to see Hunger Games..and that’s saying A LOT, he hates movies. Hunger Games was amazingly good..and hubby stayed awake through the whole movie!! He refuses to admit that he liked it but the fact that he was able to do that at least means he was into it.

Now it’s Monday. Back to work, grocery lists, and all of our other normal weekday routines. I’m gonna try to make it fun.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

sunny mornings

bright sunny morning

bright yellow shoes

bright pink sunglasses

Make's sense doesn't it?

Happy first weekend of spring!

Friday, March 23, 2012

my meatloaf's better than yours

In reality, the above statement would actually all depend on personal preference but yea..I said it. This meatloaf could probably take down anything you've got in your arsenal if a battle ensued.

I wish I could take credit for thinking this recipe up but unfortunately, I did not. The recipe for the meatloaf came from a co-worker of mine who I will refer to as "Betty Crocker". This woman cooks everything from scratch and executes it perfectly. I envy her. Then, the topping is actually a Bobby Flay concoction that a friend turned me on to. Put these two together and it makes magic.

That's the oh so yummy looking cross section of the meatloaf. Let me just say how this recipe may ruin a pan but it's so worth it.


Orzo and Cheese Stuffed Meatloaf

makes 6-8 servings

2 lbs. of chopped meat
12 slices American cheese
1 1/2 cups of ketchup
1/2 cup of milk
2 tbsp. worcestershire
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
3 cups of orzo (you may have some left over)
1 box of stove stop stuffing (I used chicken flavor)

1. Prepare stuffing according to box and let it cool completely
2. Boil orzo until its al dente, let it cool and dry
3. Mix milk, 1/2 c. of the ketchup, stuffing, and Worcestershire into the chopped meat. If you prefer a firmer meatloaf I would scale back on the liquids a little bit.
4. Take half of the meat and form the bottom half of the loaf. Hollow out the middle to make space for the filling. Make the side walls as thin as possible to ensure all slices will get a good amount of filling (I wish I had taken a picture of this step but I didn't- FAIL).
5. Cover the hollowed out middle of the loaf with 6 slices of cheese. Fill the loaf to the top with as much orzo as possible and cover with 6 more slices of cheese.
6. Use the other half of the meat to form the top of the loaf (I did it in sections). Make sure it's sealed well with the walls of the bottom half.
7. Wisk balsamic vinegar with remaining cup of ketchup. Add vinegar slowly until you get a nice burgundy colored sauce or to taste. I'm not quite sure of how much I actually used since I didn't measure (another FAIL)
8. Put into a preheated 400 degree oven for 40-50 minutes. It should be nice and brown on the top when done.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

spring has sprung

Spring is finally in full swing! We’ve had almost an entire week with the temperature getting into the 60’s. It’s so nice to not have to wear a coat everyday..I’m so ready for this season.

Every year I always have a laundry list of things to do and places to go in the warm weather. Here’s this year’s list.

1. beach day in Fire Island
2. trip to Montauk Point (fishing, lighthouse, beach)
3. brunch at Bayard Cutting arboretum
4. go to the Scottish games at Old Westbury Gardens
5. plant a flower bed and maybe buy a pretty spring wreath
6. go to the herb farm and figure out how to grow herbs inside
7. strawberry picking
8. spend a day out at the vineyards- north or south shore, haven’t decided
9. Riverhead Polish festival in August, mainly to acquire lots of perogies
10. Mystic, CT seaport and/or aquarium..hopefully seaport.
11. have a leisurely dinner at Prime watching the boats come into Huntington harbor
12. St. Thomas!!
13. San Francisco!!

I’m going to try to accomplish as many as I possibly can. I’ll be thrilled if I can do them all.

Now, if only this early morning fog would be replaced by that freshly rained on grass smell then it would truly feel like spring. Until then, I’ll just enjoy the pleasantly eerie drive to work

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

weekly wednesday weigh in

I did it! I kept up with journaling my food for an entire week. I feel so accomplished : ) Well, I did have to play catch up on Monday morning for Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday but it still counts! Yays.

The outcome of this complete week of recording my points to a tee? I went over my points. Yup, 3 points over my flex point allotment to be exact. I guess that’ll just give me a new goal for this week- keep track of my points for the whole week and somehow manage to NOT GO OVER THEM. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Onto how I did on the scale…well, first off I’ll say that I haven’t been able to make my way over to BB&B to purchase a new one (thumbs down for having no time) so I’m still working with the unpredictable old one. The outcome? I’m pretty sure I stayed about the same..maybe another half lb. down at the most. It all depended on where I stepped on the scale. I’ll take that result especially since I know I went over my points.

On a side note, I feel the need to state the obvious and mention how repulsively high in calories that McDonalds, and most fast food for that matter, is. Since I wasn’t feeling all too well on Sunday and ate nothing all day I figured why not combat a hangover the best way I know how and eat a grease ball of food. How bad can it be considering I’ve consumed 0 points up until that point. You’d be surprised. A regular size chicken McBites and a large fry = 22 points. Almost 1000 calories and god knows how many grams of fat. That’s terrifying. My poor arteries still haven’t recovered.

So far, today has been off to a wonderful start. No carbs, only 1 slice of low fat cheese, and a healthy pasta salad to look forward to for dinner. Now, if only I can avoid eating the entire piece of chocolate cake that magically appeared on my desk I’ll be in business!

Monday, March 19, 2012

holy hangover batman

Geez Louise, I’m pretty sure this post St. Patty’s Day hangover is going down as the worst hangover I’ve ever experienced in my life. Ok, maybe not the worst- that award goes to the morning after my first encounter with a bottle of Patron- but this is by far the longest lasting one. It’s like a marathon, over 24 hours at this point and I’m still not right. UGH!
The night started off normally enough..went to mom and dads for a traditional St. Patty’s Day din din.


And I had two beers..only 2. No big deal. I was sober when I left so in my mind it was like I drank nothing. Afterwards, we went to Cristina and PJ’s with a bottle of rum in hand where a marathon of Taboo and Apples to Apples were on the agenda. I had about two drinks before we decided to make a coffee and snack run and that was the first time I felt it. The wedge’s that I wore at the beginning of the night were shockingly A LOT harder to walk in. But nope, didn’t faze me one bit. I still felt the need to come home and have 2 more rum and sprite cocktails. At that point I had a good buzz going and was content, sitting on the floor, laughing hysterically to myself at all of my prospective AtoA noun cards that I had in my hands. The minute we got home, I felt it- that first wave of nausea. When all was said and done it wasn’t too bad but I did think it was a brilliant idea to lay down and take a nap on the bathroom floor. I then found out that our bathroom rug was QUITE comfy. After a few minutes, and hubby coming to check on me, I figured it was a good idea to get up and go to bed…and I managed to make it through the night.

Morning came and I opened my eyes ever so cautiously, not knowing what to expect. I had about a half hour of feeling okay before it all just went to hell in a handbasket. I won’t go into the details of my Sunday but it was spent either miserable in the bathroom or on the couch alternating between sleep and watching a Harry Potter marathon. The one thing I do enjoy about a hangover? The guilt-free consumption of greasy fast food. When I finally do feel like I can venture into the world of food that’s always the only thing I can imagine myself keeping down. I know, the last thing I should be eating but whatever, I just go with it. My order for last night- McDonald’s chicken mcbites and a large fry…with extra dipping sauce [thanks to hubby for getting it just right].What a glorious meal that was but alas, it was not a cure all. It didn’t make me more sick but it didn’t make the yucky hangover feeling go away..nothing is seeming to do that since my stomach still feels like garbage.

I had no choice with work today- I had to go since I banged out one Friday 2 weeks ago. No way am I using 2 sick days in the first 3 months! It’s sad but I didn’t even care how I looked today because I knew a pretty outfit or a bucket of make-up would mask the mess that is me.

Switch the black sweatpants out for a pair of black dress slacks and that’s how I went. As I said, I did not care. I made it through the day without any major least nothing some pretzels couldn’t cure. Now, my biggest issue is dinner..what’s for it? When my stomach’s upset it kind of runs my life. I have to do what it tells me to and right now, I think it’s telling me to eat ice cream. Nothing else seems appealing and I wish I could just go without food but then the pain gets worse. After all, it is MY stomach we’re talking about. Don’t matter how cruddy it feels, it still wants food. I guess poor darling hubby is on his own for dinner because I doubt he’ll want to trade off real food for a cup of chocolate chip cookie dough.

Now, since this whole experience has been shitastic to say the least let’s talk about how stupid ol’ Jessica can avoid this next time. For starters, the rum was my first mistake. What’s that before liquor, never been sicker? Yea..why wasn’t that rhyme playing over and over in my head when I STARTED drinking?? I need to follow the rules of drinking more precisely..Also, I need to stop drinking like it’s a friggin race. I pounded those last 4 drinks like someone was gonna steal them from me. That’s probably why I didn’t feel it immediately. The poor rum didn’t have enough time to even get into my system. It’s just a suspicion of mine but I also think my tolerance is getting lower. Any time I’ve drank any more than a drink or two lately I’ve woken up the next morning feeling a bit off. That was never the norm but this is going to have to stay a suspicion for now because I’m not willing to run any tests on how much alcohol I can handle. I’m gonna stay away from drinking for a little while..besides maybe a mid-week glass of wine my next serious drinking session will probably be with a few daiquiris on the beaches of St. Thomas. But then again, I always say that..we’ll just have to wait and see

Saturday, March 17, 2012

don't put up missing posters just yet

I know, I've been slacking a bit lately over here but I have a fairly decent excuse. I've been working on these pretty lil babies...

And let me just say that, thank the dear lord, they're DONE. [insert celebratory dance here] It look working on them for every spare minute we had for almost a week, which was wayyy more than I anticipated. They were pre-printed..what gives? Oh well, I'm just thrilled because I was dreading it. As thankful as I am, I hate doing thank you cards.

So, hmm...what else is new? Let's see, I went on a springtime shopping spree which made me quite a happy camper. I'm still awaiting most of my goodies since I did a lot of the shopping online. Can't wait for'll be like Christmas in March. My favorite [not so] little cousin, Alysha, also had her last high school dance exhibition Thursday night. Talk about bittersweet, she did sooo well but it was sad knowing it was her last one and it's mind boggling that she's graduating this year. I remember her being 8 years old and me, being 15, telling her to not get any older because I'm not havin it. Fast forward 10 years later, she's graduating and going off to college.

Wow...I'm just so proud of her.

My most exciting piece of news? I finally convinced hubbykins..we booked our flight to San Francisco!!! 7 days over Memorial Day weekend of Kristi and Kevin filled fun. I can't even begin to express how excited I am. I miss that girl so bad and hearing her talk of all the possible things we can do (Napa Valley, Redwood Forest) makes me jump around like a child.

I'd say we had a pretty good week and I'm planning on ending it on a high note. With today being St. Patty's day, I see lots of corned beef, cabbage, beer, and family time in my near future. Add some time with friends later on tonight and it'll be a well rounded day.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

weekly wednesday weigh-in

My only conclusion from stepping on the scale this morning? That I am in dire need of a new scale.
I hate not quite knowing how much I weigh, or on the other hand maybe it’s better like that if my weight is continually going up? Either way, the scale is becoming so inaccurate that it’s driving me crazy.

My normal ritual on the scale goes something like this…I step on, step off and adjust the needle because it never falls back to 0 on the first try (yea, I know. I’m probably the last person in existence that doesn’t own a digital scale), and I repeat this step until the needle lands on 0. Then I step on again & that number is what I consider my weight..and I step on once or twice more for confirmation. It’s always worked out pretty well but no, not this week. The dreaded weigh-in started off fairly normal. I stepped on, stepped off and adjusted and had to do that twice more until I got it to hit 0. I stepped on and what do ya know? According to the scale I lost a pound..or maybe a half a pound- I couldn’t tell due to my blurry morning vision. Either way, I was happy. Then I stepped on again to confirm and oh no, it shows I GAINED a pound. What in the…? Ok, again, I step on. Now it says I stayed the same. The needle is still falling back to 0 every time I step off and I’m more than confused. I step on, once again, and the scale has decided this time that I’m back to losing that ½ lb or so. I give up at that point, cautiously considering this week a loss.

How am I supposed to track my weight loss efforts with a scale who likes to mess with my head? I can’t deal with that abuse at 6 a.m. Today, my goal is to price out a scale and scrounge up my 20% off coupon that came from my home away from home (bed, bath, and beyond). By this weekend, I’m hoping to have a new scale.

In regards to my efforts to actually lose the weight- my goals for this upcoming week are to continue tracking what I’m shoving in my pie hole, try to somewhat contain myself on St. Patty’s Day (although I’ve been looking forward to my mom’s corned beef and cabbage since March 21st of last year-the day the leftovers from last year’s meal were gone), to keep making yummy dinners that stay on the healthy side of the spectrum, and try to work out at least once!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

how do you take your eggs?

I like mine weird.

Don't get me wrong.. I'm all for your standard breakfast meat, cheese, and egg combo but I'm definitely not opposed to switching things up and throwing in some offbeat ingredients once in a while. I have eggs, more specially egg whites, almost every day so it's almost to be expected that I get a little tired of the typical.

This week I had a situation. I wanted eggs and didn't have to much to throw in with them. A plain cheese omelet just wouldn't do so what was left to do but get creative?

I had my favorite Mexican salad leftover and wanted to incorporate that somehow into my breakfast and a little protein never hurts. So, I layered a chicken patty, egg whites and topped it with a salad. Better than I thought it would be..

Next up was this scramble that was purely a way to use up some leftovers. I had made a ton of chicken curry and rice and it was either incorporate it into breakfast or toss it out. So, a few egg whites scrambled in there topped with sour cream made a marvelous, and filling, breakfast.

This was my personal favorite..I stumbled upon spinach veggie nuggets last week while grocery shopping and have been trying to find ways to use them. What better way than in some egg whites? The results- awesome!

And eggs aren't just for breakfast anymore. I've become obsessed with burgers topped with an over easy egg. The soft yolk dripping down onto the meat does something that's purely magical.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

weekly wednesday weigh-in

This week was the first time in a LONG time that I stepped on the scale...

...and I'm down 1 lb!!!

hahaha that doesn't sound like much to celebrate but I'm just SO happy I haven't gained. I haven't been tracking like I should have been so I'll take any sort of a loss.

I'm 31 days away from leaving for St. Thomas so I need to start buckling down..counting points, maybe start doing some sit-ups? A month is plenty of time to get in slightly better shape. Thats all
I'm asking for..

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

things that currently make me say yay

Strawberries as large as my hand

Freshly cleaned wedding bands

My (larger than it should be) keychain

Granny bags

His shot glass collection from everywhere we've been

Never leave the house without it make up

Rhinestone encrusted fingers

Mexican night- even if we do it 2-3 times a week

Cozy & comfy cowls

That's all.