Wednesday, March 28, 2012

weekly wednesday weigh in

So, Wednesday…we meet again.

Today just seemed to sneak up out of nowhere. My first thought this morning was “Wednesday? Already? But I’m not ready for the scaleeeeee. “ Unfortunately, I’m not letting myself have much of a choice in the matter. I had to get on that damn thing.

I have a confession…I cheated and did a quick lil mid-(weight loss)week weigh in on Saturday. I was glad I did though when the scale said I lost 3 lbs!! I was shocked and beyond excited- jumping up and down, yelling for hubby to come in the bathroom and experience this joy with me..the whole 9 yards. That weigh in put me in the most amazing mood for the rest of the day. A 3 lb. weight loss (when you’ve been struggling to lose anything for 3 months) will do that to you.

Fast forward to this morning. I was pretty sure I had kept the 3 lbs. (or at least most, ok, half of it) off so I was fairly confident when I stepped on. On the food front, I had stayed pretty much in line. I used most of my flex points but that was mostly due to the dinner we had Saturday night…yummy, evil steak. Ok, so..lets recap. Down 3 lbs Saturday, stayed within my flex points..a recipe for success! Tell me why that scale said I was back up 3 lbs? I had a big giant WTF moment…at 6:10 a.m immediately after waking up. The last thing I needed.. so, I did the only thing that would make me feel better. Retreated to the couch, wrapped myself in my fleece blanket, and watched last week’s DVRed episode of Mob Wives that’s been waiting ever so patiently for me. All the while cursing that damn scale.

I’ve always known the weekends were the cause of my diet demise but I didn’t realize that I could lose 3 lbs from Wednesday to Saturday and then gain it all back from Saturday to Wednesday. That’s horrible! And depressing… The weekends are a rough time for me, I don’t know what else to do besides stay home and cook. That also turns me into a hermit because unfortunately, most of my socializing is done over dinner and/or drinks..and it’s kind of awkward to go out to dinner with friends when you’ve already ate. That leads to 1 of 2 things…you sitting there foodless and gazing off aimlessly while everyone’s stuffing their faces OR you give into temptation and end up eating dinner # 2 (or the caloric equivalent to dinner in the form of an appetizer or dessert). I am not a Hobbit, 2nd dinner is unacceptable no matter which way you slice it.

I’m starting to get into vacation mode so food wise I plan on doing a little detox during the week and a half before it’s time to leave. Cutting back tremendously on carbs, cheese, and non-diet approved sweets/snacks. I need to give it my best shot to look as good as I possibly can before I appear in public in a bathing suit. Lucky for me, the pre-planned dinners for the rest of the week coincide with my detox idea that I thought up this morning. I’ll figure out a plan for my weekend problem when I’m back from St. Thomas. I think a tan will help me think more clearly anyway…

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