Wednesday, March 14, 2012

weekly wednesday weigh-in

My only conclusion from stepping on the scale this morning? That I am in dire need of a new scale.
I hate not quite knowing how much I weigh, or on the other hand maybe it’s better like that if my weight is continually going up? Either way, the scale is becoming so inaccurate that it’s driving me crazy.

My normal ritual on the scale goes something like this…I step on, step off and adjust the needle because it never falls back to 0 on the first try (yea, I know. I’m probably the last person in existence that doesn’t own a digital scale), and I repeat this step until the needle lands on 0. Then I step on again & that number is what I consider my weight..and I step on once or twice more for confirmation. It’s always worked out pretty well but no, not this week. The dreaded weigh-in started off fairly normal. I stepped on, stepped off and adjusted and had to do that twice more until I got it to hit 0. I stepped on and what do ya know? According to the scale I lost a pound..or maybe a half a pound- I couldn’t tell due to my blurry morning vision. Either way, I was happy. Then I stepped on again to confirm and oh no, it shows I GAINED a pound. What in the…? Ok, again, I step on. Now it says I stayed the same. The needle is still falling back to 0 every time I step off and I’m more than confused. I step on, once again, and the scale has decided this time that I’m back to losing that ½ lb or so. I give up at that point, cautiously considering this week a loss.

How am I supposed to track my weight loss efforts with a scale who likes to mess with my head? I can’t deal with that abuse at 6 a.m. Today, my goal is to price out a scale and scrounge up my 20% off coupon that came from my home away from home (bed, bath, and beyond). By this weekend, I’m hoping to have a new scale.

In regards to my efforts to actually lose the weight- my goals for this upcoming week are to continue tracking what I’m shoving in my pie hole, try to somewhat contain myself on St. Patty’s Day (although I’ve been looking forward to my mom’s corned beef and cabbage since March 21st of last year-the day the leftovers from last year’s meal were gone), to keep making yummy dinners that stay on the healthy side of the spectrum, and try to work out at least once!

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