Monday, March 5, 2012

puppy love

Well, this was bound to happen sometime or another…[now, imagine this being said in the most whiny, annoying, childish voice ever] I WANT A PUPPPPPYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

That’s right. I’m in full blown “I want a puppy” mode…and it’s BAD. It’s probably gotten much, much worse because the time when I would actually be able to get a puppy is only a few months away and it also doesn’t help that everyone around me has gotten a dog within the past year or so. That acts as a constant reminder of how happy everyone is when they get a dog. This wanting a puppy thing goes back to my childhood. I remember being 10 and following my mother around for an entire day, pleading my case on how a puppy would increase the happiness level in our house 10 fold. If we had PowerPoint at that time I probably would’ve made a slideshow filled with charts and diagrams…I was serious. But my mother stood her ground and continuously said no. She always used the reason that we had a cats and that our house was too small as reasoning for not getting a dog. Being 10, I accepted that answer and moved on with life. As I got older, I realized that it’s quite common for people to have both cats and dogs and I also realized that our house had plenty of space for a small dog. So, I approached my mother and asked what gives? Her response- “I’m not stupid. I knew you would have never taken care of a dog as a child. You probably won’t even take care of a dog now..and I definitely don’t want the responsibility of taking care of a dog to fall on me.” ….man, does she know me or what?

I always knew that ok, I can’t have a dog while living with my parents but the minute I move’s puppy time! So, then I moved out…and nope, no puppy time. We got lucky enough to land an apartment that actually allows you to have a small dog, a rarity on Long Island, but we were both unsure if this apartment would last more than a year. If it didn’t last more than a year a dog would dwindle our options down for a new place to almost nothing. I’m happy to say that our apartment seems to be working out just great…our one last obstacle is finding out what they want to increase the rent to come September. If they plan on upping our rent to some crazy amount we’ll be forced to leave. We’ll get notice of the increase in July so if all goes well and I get my way (because hubby is being a buzz kill, always bringing up the finances and responsibility conversation whenever a puppy is mentioned) I anticipate a puppy will be arriving into our lives by late summer/early fall. What is that.. 5, maybe 6 months away?

Let the countdown begin!

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