Saturday, March 17, 2012

don't put up missing posters just yet

I know, I've been slacking a bit lately over here but I have a fairly decent excuse. I've been working on these pretty lil babies...

And let me just say that, thank the dear lord, they're DONE. [insert celebratory dance here] It look working on them for every spare minute we had for almost a week, which was wayyy more than I anticipated. They were pre-printed..what gives? Oh well, I'm just thrilled because I was dreading it. As thankful as I am, I hate doing thank you cards.

So, hmm...what else is new? Let's see, I went on a springtime shopping spree which made me quite a happy camper. I'm still awaiting most of my goodies since I did a lot of the shopping online. Can't wait for'll be like Christmas in March. My favorite [not so] little cousin, Alysha, also had her last high school dance exhibition Thursday night. Talk about bittersweet, she did sooo well but it was sad knowing it was her last one and it's mind boggling that she's graduating this year. I remember her being 8 years old and me, being 15, telling her to not get any older because I'm not havin it. Fast forward 10 years later, she's graduating and going off to college.

Wow...I'm just so proud of her.

My most exciting piece of news? I finally convinced hubbykins..we booked our flight to San Francisco!!! 7 days over Memorial Day weekend of Kristi and Kevin filled fun. I can't even begin to express how excited I am. I miss that girl so bad and hearing her talk of all the possible things we can do (Napa Valley, Redwood Forest) makes me jump around like a child.

I'd say we had a pretty good week and I'm planning on ending it on a high note. With today being St. Patty's day, I see lots of corned beef, cabbage, beer, and family time in my near future. Add some time with friends later on tonight and it'll be a well rounded day.

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