Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a year of firsts

I know I'm only 1 month into this little thing we call marriage but I'm loving all the "first time as a married couple" experiences we're having. Our honeymoon was actually our first vacation ever that we weren't going to either visit family or going away with a group of people and that was SOOO nice. Doing whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted definitely spoiled us. We had our first Thanksgiving which was the first major holiday after our wedding. I was so excited to experience the holiday in a whole new way, as a married woman. Besides it being the first time extended family has seen us since the wedding and the excitement that brought, it was pretty much the same as past years. However, it was nice to not have anyone ask "So, how's the planning going?" as they have been the past 3 years! And coming up- our FIRST CHRISTMAS! First time decorating our new place, putting up our tree, collecting all of our adorable ornaments that will be on our tree for years to come, and of course our first gifts we're giving to each other- I'm hoping since it's a special year that it'll be a good one! Am I making it to obvious that I adore Christmas?

There's also all of those little experiences that make you warm and fuzzy inside. Like hearing him introduce me as his wife for the first time. I literally swooned when he said that. It was the sweetest thing ever. Even a month later, I'm still not used to it. It still makes me smile. Then there was the ordinary task of combining our car insurance that we did just last night (whoopdy doo, right?). But it was the first time I got to select the "Mrs." box as my title and "married" as my marital status. That made us both all giddy & lovey- it apparently doesn't take much, we're both so corny when it comes to that stuff as it is. I could go on forever with all of the little things that have made me say "aww" in the last month but I'll do us all a favor and stop this list right now.

We've had so many experiences so far but the fun hasn't even begun...besides all of the other holiday's throughout the year we have a wedding we'll be attending in February- first time I won't be getting up to catch the bouquet, a trip to lovely San Francisco is in the works around Valentine's day to see one of my nearest and dearest friends and her equally as awesome boyfriend, a springtime couples trip to Lancaster, the hubster's big 3-0 (that will hopefully include an awesome gift for my equally as awesome man), a possible puppy come next September??, and I can hopefully *crosses fingers* pull off a grand finale of our first year of marriage with a trip to Europe. Our savings may be begging for mercy after all of this but we need to celebrate...we have our whole 2nd year of marriage to recoup!

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