Thursday, September 6, 2012

awkward, just awkward

When you see the word awkward in a blog post it's more often than not paired with the word awesome. But no, you won't find that here. It's allllll about the awkward. I'm not saying there's nothing awesome going on in my life right now (believe me, there is) but the awkward is just more interesting and well, amusing.

Here ya go, a big giant dose of pure awkwardness..


Running into the son of the man who robbed your house. This situation didn’t happen to me (thankfully I’ve never had to endure a burglary) but it did happen to my father in law. AND he had the guts to bring up this uber awkward situation- go Roy! It could’ve gotten a lot more awkward at that point but the guy just said yea, my dad’s a D-bag and is in jail somewhere to which my father in law said GOOD! I love my father in law, he’s got some cojones.

Having a nasty little mosquito bite on your upper, inner thigh that continually itches. Thank you mosquito for making me look like I’m always scratching my crotch.

Bringing your big giant umbrella and wearing your rain boots into work because it’s pouring and having the sun come out about a half hour after arriving. I’m currently dreading dragging all of that stuff out later…


Someone trying to hold a conversation from the next stall over in the bathroom. ‘Nuff said.

Saying “Fuck Yeah!!!” really loudly while exiting Michaels because I realized I had just gotten a 50% off coupon as a mother and her young daughter were walking in.

Earlier I heard someone from across the office say to someone else “I’m gonna smack you so hard you’ll like it”, obviously joking around. There was nothing awkward about that. The awkward part was that I laughed so loud but no one else on my side of the office knew why because they didn’t hear that hilarious comment being made. Then I had to go ahead and explain why I was one found it as funny as I did. Damn this bionic hearing of mine.

Tripping..over everything. Stairs, carpets, my own two feet. These bad boys can't be trusted anymore.


Having your dog decide that now would be a good time to take a #2 as soon as you stop to say hi to a familiar face on your morning walk. It happens every morning and all that can be done at that point is laugh awkwardly and explain that your dog has no manners.

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