Monday, September 24, 2012

no, no..i'm still here

Contrary to popular belief, I didn't run off screaming into the night. Or get admitted into a hospital for the “mentally disturbed”. I made it out of this past week/weekend in one piece (barely) and managed to only get into one screaming match with the hubby. Based on the amount of work that was put into readying our apartment for guests and then immediately destroying all of our cleaning efforts by loading in suitcases and cooking for what seemed like an army I’d call that a success!

This weekend’s activities included (but were not limited to)-
  • apple picking in the Hamptons ♥ (most romantical, and absolutely necessary, day ever)
  • Kristi and Kevin’s arrival- which was a little later (7 hours!) than originally anticipated but still just as awesome
  • preparation for their reception (AKA 10 hours of hardcore work in the kitchen. 3 tiered, fondant covered cakes? 4 trays of food? Never again..)
  • and then it was party time! All of the work over the past 2 months or so magically became so worth it for the four hours of fun that we all had.
but I’ll have to go into more detail (with LOTS of pictures) at a later date because well, the pictures from my camera haven’t been uploaded yet and as for the pictures I took with my phone? Well, they may be lost forever because my beloved little connection to the outside world broke. Umm, maybe I shouldn’t go as far as saying it’s completely done-zo but it’s definitely having technical difficulties and it is currently not in my possession.  

Yup, you heard me right. Today is the first day that I don’t have a cell phone with me in at least 6 or 7 years (if you don’t include vacations where my phone wouldn’t have worked anyway or days when I purposely leave it at home so I can “disconnect”-  which is, let’s be real, never!) and needless to say..I’M BUGGING OUT. I’m slowly realizing how dependent I am on that thing and I’m going through withdrawals. I even had a hard time picking out what to wear this morning because how else was I supposed to have the weather forecast at my disposal? Turning on the TV would’ve taken way to long… I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that the Iphone gods (aka apple care) will help me fix this problem and since my phone is obviously on its way out anyway (the home button is refusing to work and yea, it’s a 3GS. Who still even has those??) it’ll be time to place an order for the brand new Iphone 5. Yay!

I just think a little time “off” in the evenings is what I need to get my head straight. It’s the hubster’s and my “dating” anniversary (Happy anniversary Ryan..9 years baby, wootwoot!) and a couch + pajamas +  puppy + sushi + Kristi + the Voice + fro yo date is in order (it may not be your typical anniversary date but it’s sounding like beyond perfection right now) and once I motivate myself to clean my kitchen I think I’m going to avoid it for a few days. Plus my husband, puppy, and couch (in that order) have not gotten the attention they deserve in a while so, I’ll see ya in a few days. Sound good? Thought so.

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