Thursday, September 13, 2012

insta latelies


[Disclaimer- these pictures we're all not technically taken "lately". Maybe they were all from August up until just recently. I need to make it more of a point to use Instagram way, way more often.]

from L to R

 1. maple pecan ice cream topped with banana's and fresh whipped cream all on top of a perfect chocolate chip cookie. i'm still bugging Ryan to take me back to Krisch's.
 2. i didn't move from the cozy corner of my couch at all that night. it was a few days before we got Murphy. needless to say i haven't had a similar night since.
 3. whenever i see a pack of bicyclist's riding Tour De France style i always keep an eye out for my dad cuz ya know, he may just be in there.
 4. a little murphball laying all over his toys, lovin' on his bone
 5. a dinner time view on the lovely Nautical Mile
 6. nothing makes a summer night more enjoyable than a roaring outdoor fire.
 7. taking a break to play between morning walks
 8. ominous clouds and the raindrops pouring from them
 9. trying out some bright red lips
10. an impromptu dinner out at Cosi. that caramel vinaigrette was to die for
11. a beautiful (not edited) sky on the drive home from work always sets the tone for a good night.

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