Saturday, September 8, 2012

got bitten

It’s unfortunate (because I’m broke) but alllllllll I’ve been wanting to do lately is take a serious vacation to Europe. And when I say serious I’m talking a month long jaunt that’ll hit every city from London to Rome. I don’t even know if a month would cover spending a “few days” in 8 different countries but hey, I can dream big. Really though, who wouldn’t want to go when you could see all this..


Photobucket Belgium







The different cultures of every country, the history, the food, the sights, the shopping. It’s just friggin awesome there!!

I’ve been wanting to go to Europe for about 10 years now and I wish I would’ve figured this out a wee bit sooner than I did. I’m still kicking myself in the ass for not taking my parents up on their offer to send me to Germany for the summer when I was 13. But at the time 2 months on a farm with a 46 year old being the closest person to your age did not sound appealing.

The reason for this latest yearning to fly across the pond was inspired by newly discovered bunch of blogs written by expatriate’s (or expat’s for short). Especially these here and here. All of those stories of living abroad are quite enticing. Oh, and did I mention a friend of mine just let me know a goal of hers and her husband’s is go to live in Europe for 2 months next year? Yea, that might have made me just a weeeee bit jealous. Well, all I can do for right now is dream of this awesome trip and live vicariously through others because Europe just isn’t in the cards for us for at least the next 2 years. Unless of course we win the lottery or something…one can hope.

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