Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Remember how last Friday I said I’d be busy in the upcoming weeks? Well..I wasn’t lying. And do you also remember how I said I’d be over this busy schedule in about a day or so? Turns out I wasn’t lying about that either. This weekend was a bit of a blur and the next few weeknights are filled with party supply shopping and cleaning and that’ll lead me into next weekend where it’ll be all about day trips, cooking, and a reception I’m co-hosting. You see what I mean when I say never ending?

Please don’t think I’m complaining, though. I’m just merely trying to explain to you all why I’m longing for the wonderful day that was last Friday.

 You see, this past Friday was our company picnic. It’s always a good time when you’re given a Friday off of work for no good reason but when you also add in an obscene amount of food (along with just as many drinks) in this beautiful setting you’ve just made things 1000x better. This year I went in with the objective to do nothing. Just eat, drink, and relax with some good company. I definitely accomplished my goal. The only downfall of the day? This questionable attire was pretty much required.


Ya know what? I’d dig that shirt out of the garbage and put it on all over again to have another day (or two) just like that one. The next time I had a minute to really sit down and enjoy myself since then was last night, at 8:15 p.m, when I curled up on the couch to watch The Voice with a lovely little dinner in front of me.


It was glorious. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for at least one more night like this before next weekend hits.

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