Saturday, January 21, 2012

pass the nyquil

One lovely part about living together, or even just spending a lot of time with your significant other, is when one gets sick the other is bound to come down with the same bug...and if your SUPER lucky, the two of you will pass it back and forth for a while. This time, we were spared the agony of playing catch with an imaginary ball of germs because we both caught it at the same time. Joy!

It's actually quite comical to watch the two of us sulk around and be miserable together but this cold is a nasty lil bugger and all I want it to do is go away..but nothing is making it subside. Between the two of us we've gone through bottles of dayquil, nyquil, robitussin, boxes upon boxes of tissues, cough name it. Hubster's been feeling a little better but I can't really say the same for myself. This is day 5...I usually let it go 10 days before I wave the white flag and head to the Dr.'s

Hopefully, today will be the day that I show this cold who's boss. My plan of attack?


Some good old rest and relaxation with the help of Mr. Remote and Mr. those guys! I'm lucky enough to be able to pull this off because today just happens to be the day it decided to snow here for the first time this winter season.


It's nothing much but it was enough for Hubby to get called into work for snow removal and have friends cancel their plans to come visit. A blessing in disguise? I think so.

All that's left to do now is decide what movie I'm going to watch (Spaceballs or Goonies...decisions, decisions), heat up some chicken soup, grab my fleece blanket, and firmly plant my rear end on the couch. If this isn't the best way to fight a cold, I don't know what is..

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