Friday, January 20, 2012

till death do us part

As a couple just beginning their marriage, we tend not to think about that dreaded day when those words we said in our vows actually happens. I don’t mean to be morbid but recently a dear friend of mine, who had a marriage I admired, lost her husband and it got me thinking…how will I ever deal with losing my other half? We do so many things together and we rely on each other so much. It’ll probably be one of the hardest things that one of us will inevitably have to go through. My answer to that question right now- I just don’t know. I still consider myself young so it’s not surprising that death isn’t the first, or 574th, thing on my mind.

Thinking about death also makes me think about the life you get to live with your husband or wife while you were still, well, alive. Looking at the life of this couple, who have spent close to 50 years together, makes me excited to start to build a life with my husband. There’s so much ahead of us- seeing the world together, settling into a house, having babies… I’ve grown up with this man (and still have more to do) and now I’m also ready to grow old together. My one goal in our marriage is to build a relationship over time that others admire, just as I admired my friends relationship. I just hope that as time goes on and we both live a full, joyful life together I will become more accepting of the whole idea of this death doing us part thing.

Hey, if anything, with statistics showing half of marriages end in divorce I should be proud if we can make it that far, right?

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