Wednesday, January 4, 2012

weekly wednesday weigh-in

So, as I might have mentioned earlier, I've been counting points on weight watchers again for about a week now. Unfortunately, going to the weight watcher meetings isn't going to happen right now about now (no time, no money) and since I need to hold myself accountable somehow I figured why not on here?

Here and now is where my weekly Wednesday weigh-ins are going to start.

The plan is to step on that dreaded scale (first thing in the morning because that's when you weigh the least, of course) and report back on my victories and defeats on the scale and in life as someone who's attempting to lose weight. This should be interesting....

For this first time it's going to be more of a check-in than a weigh-in as weighing in would consist of writing down my weight. This week, i just can't seem to make myself do that...that number was SCARY! I did cheat a little and weighed myself Saturday morning and that number was managable...but then come Wednesday morning I was 3 lbs'd that happen?? Oh yea, New Years happened. I knew I kind of went off track but I didn't realize it was 3 lbs. worth of off track. Just goes to show that I can put weight on at the drop of a hat but it takes blood, sweat, and tears to lose an ounce. Talk about frustrating...

Well, this week is another week. Another chance to give it my best effort, eat lots of healthy food (and not so much unhealthy food), and be more active! Here's hoping that I'll be okay with writing down the number that pops up on the scale next week.

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