Tuesday, January 31, 2012

cupcakes, music, & owls

I'm sitting here on a busy Tuesday night wistfully thinking of Saturday because it was filled with all of the above.

I spent most of the morning hanging around, making breakfast for myself and my favorite man, who definitely got a ton of kisses because I just couldn't get enough of him...


When he left to run errands there was nothing left to do besides make cupcakes and dance around my kitchen to some good tunes

I got a chance to try out my new pan


(sadly, I'm not a big fan)

I also did something I try to never do....


I used box cake mix...I know, I'm appalled too. Shockingly, they came out pretty good. I recommend this one if you're in a pinch, or bored and want something quick and entertaining to do (like me!)

After my dance-a-thon and cupcake time was over, it was about time to leave for the owl walk. Want to know how I prepare for an owl walk? I'll give you a clue...it's not to dress in warm, winter appropriate, clothing.


Nope, I prepare by painting my nails like owls. They came out awesome for my first time trying it.

We met up with the rest of the family and proceeded on our owl & fun filled night. We first got to learn about the different types of owls. Now that I'm educated on owls I want to have a screech owl as a pet and I also learned that hoot owls like to do nothing more than stare down crowds of people.


There he is...staring. That big, rude owl...

Then off we went, into the woods with our owl call recording to try to find some of these cute lil beasts in the wild. Unfortunately, we failed at this attempt. We did, however, succeed in hearing lots of airplanes, barking dogs, passing cars, and crying children. Good times..

I was so ready for a warm meal after being out in the cold for almost an hour. We went to one of my favorite Huntington restaurants- Canterbury Ales.


Had a fabulous burger and Brooklyn Brewery's maple porter. Best decision ever, that's now one of my favorite beers! and it was a perfect match for the burger...awesome winter night meal.

I didn't do anything spectacular but I wish that all Saturday's could make me this happy...

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