Monday, April 23, 2012

farewell weekend

Aww..weekend! It's so sad to see you go. You were a good one..

Let's see, what happened..

We helped Dad celebrate his 60th birthday.


He’s not a fan of taking pictures so I had to catch him off guard. The celebration included seeing Colin Quinn at a local comedy club, coming home to a black out, and then once the candles were lit and ready the lights came back on! Go figure..we chatted, that brother of mine came by


..and that was about it. Eventful, right? No, I didn’t think so either. On a side note, it’s a little depressing that both of my parents are getting older. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they both live to 150..because I can’t be dealing with any losing parent(s) nonsense. Definitely not ready for that!

On a slightly less somber note, Saturday was spent mulling around the apartment until PJ and Cristina came over for din din. The two of them, along with hubby, acted guinea pigs trying out my new spin on the regular old stuffed shells. I tried mixing ground turkey and spinach in with the ricotta topped with crushed tomatoes, mozzarella, and breadcrumbs.


Came out pretty good if I do say so myself- except maybe next time I’d use a jar of sauce and a can of crushed tomato’s instead of 2 cans of the crushed stuff. It was a tad dry but still managed to be quite delicious.

Afterwards, we got fro yo (cuz that’s just what we need right after dinner) and took a trip down to the docks. The enormous waves that were washing up over the docks coming out of the bay let us know how bad the storm that we were set to have the next day was actually going to be. It was crazy to watch but unfortunately, it was cold and I was only in a cardigan. Hubby was cute did the chivalrous thing..dug through his trunk for a sweatshirt (an old dingy one but it did the job) and did his best to keep me warm. Love that boy..

As predicted, the weather Sunday was craptastic. However, it was the perfect excuse to rock my awesome rain boots.


I had made plans with Cynthia (who I haven’t seen since Christmas) so I wasn’t about to let a little rain stop me. Thankfully, our plans included my favorite indoor activities- lunch and shopping, what else? We stopped at Bobby’s Burger Palace since I’ve never been (glad we did!) and I discovered some new stores in Smith Haven mall, which I hardly ever frequent but I probably should start. Or maybe I shouldn’t, my wallet will thank me.

pear & cactus margarita // napa valley burger // bbp menu // color coded bras at Gilly Hicks
sign I must own at Violet's Blue

P.S- this mall had the biggest Forever21 I’ve ever seen in my life! I had to refrain from going in because I knew I’d be in there for hours and I don’t want to subject any of my poor friends to that madness. Maybe I can try to convince someone else to go back there with me? We shall see…

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