Friday, April 20, 2012

red. leopard. pants.

Let’s get one thing straight…I love leopard. Always have, always will, and there’s never been a time when I’ve hesitated to rock it. Until now.

Remember that time when I said I wasn’t going to shop until September? Well, obviously that didn’t happen. I got the itch for a tribal print dress and thought to try out Forever21. I got lucky with this awesomeness right here..


..but it’s impossible for me to go onto that website and not check out all of my favorite departments and see what else they’ve got going on. This is where these red leopard print pants come in.


I don’t want to say I’m in love quite yet…but I’m VERY intrigued. I know I could easily wear these pants with a black tee and flats and immediately have a fun outfit for day or effort necessary. So why am I not jumping at them? I’m scared. Yes, scared that I’ll wear them once or twice and then be over it. I’m also feeling guilty because I just bought a pile of new clothes and have maybe gotten around to wearing half of them. Not to mention I have another shopping outing planned for next weekend. Bottom line is I’m just not sure about them.

My next question is then what does make me sure about a purchase? Why am I questioning these pants when I didn’t think twice about purchasing a dress, tank top, and scarf (yea, I’m keepin’ it conservative). I think it’s because I keep a running list of articles of clothing, prints, styles that I want/like. tribal print dress, thick black and white stripes, and peach scarf were all up towards the top of that list.

I thought writing this would make me either feel at peace with my decision to not buy them or I’d come up with some brilliant reason to run back to the website and hit order, order, ORDER! But no, I’m still feeling very conflicted and not sure what to do. The pants are so awesome but I can’t just get over the thought that I won’t wear them more than twice. Temporary solution- I’ll pass around the picture and see what my friends, and more importantly the hubby, thinks. I’m also going to wait until after my shopping trip scheduled for 1 week till now. If I can keep my spending down at that time and the pants are still available (oh, and my posse approves) I think I’ll have me some brand new red leopard pants.

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