Thursday, April 19, 2012

work day thoughts

Why can’t bags of chips come unbroken? It’s inevitable that I end up putting the bag to my mouth to consume all of the leftover crumbs while managing to make myself look like a pig. Yea..I know your answer. Get yourself some Pringles. I HATE Pringles…


I’m convinced that radio stations have the same songs set to play at the same times every day. I’ve been listening to the same radio station for 8 hours a day for SO long, not by choice, that I know that it’s 11:15 if I hear “Can’t Stop Believin” and that I can expect to hear “Hotel California” next if “Please Don’t Leave Me” is currently playing.

Big, filling lunches are my worst enemy at work..or any place for that matter. They always manage to put me into a sloth-like food coma where nothing gets accomplished. Why did I think it was a good idea to eat all of that leftover Chinese again?

Is it wrong that the decision to constantly check my Etsy messages to see if a seller got back to me on my question about this awesome shirt is always seeming to win the battle when it’s put up against doing some actual work. Yea, I didn’t think so either.

I sometimes wonder if those people who call in and insist on having a 20 minute conversation about something completely unrelated to health insurance have any friends? Would you call up someone who you didn’t know AT ALL and proceed to tell them all about your family trip to North Carolina? I wouldn’t… Maybe they just like to talk. I hope so..then I wouldn’t feel as bad that I hurried a friendless guy off the phone. Sorry dude, I’ve got work to do.


Questions I’ve come up with to ask Ryan later- “Would you kill me if I dragged you out with me Saturday to go thrifting? If the answer is no, would you promise not to complain while you’re there?” “Do you think we can convince my parents that going to Green Cactus is a good idea for dinner tomorrow night?..I’m feening for a shrimp burrito and endless salsa!” “Can we arrange a trip to Coney Island this summer for some hot dogs, boardwalk cruisin’, and either the aquarium or astroland- your choice..purty purrrrty please?”


Why are half of the people I talk to today named Maureen? I swear, no joke..there’s been at least 4 so far.

The women at the office are making my paranoid about the heel height on some shoes I wear here. They were talking smack about someone else and there “hooker shoes” and I said hey..I wear shoes like that! Of course they all responded with “Yours aren’t THAT high” and “At least yours aren’t red”. No, mine just have spikes on the heel sometimes. I don’t know..I’m still worried.

I wonder if I'd get in trouble if I downloaded missed episodes of Mob Wives off Itunes and proceeded to watch them at my desk? I could prop my phone up and turn the volume down fairly low. I don't think it would interrupt my work flow at all. I'm gonna mention this idea to management!

...that is all.

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