Tuesday, April 24, 2012

warmth, where'd ya go?

Last week it hit 80 degrees.

This was the weather forecast this morning, according to my iPhone at least.


What is going on?? Did the spring weather go on a vacation? Did it get used up already?..it did come kind of early. I friggin hope not. My poor immune system can’t take these temperature fluctuations much longer. And no one wants to deal with a sick Jessica, especially hubby.

Warm 80 degree days…all I ask is that you come back. I won’t be mad that you left. No judgments will be made. I promise your actions won’t be held against you. I’m just begging you please because it’s truly unacceptable to need to wear an outfit like this..


..to stay warm when going out to run errands. It’s late April, for god’s sake! I should be wearing a t-shirt and flip flops to accompany my skinny jeans.

Just please, consider my request and come back soon. I miss you.

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