Wednesday, April 4, 2012

weekly wednesday weigh in

Ahh…finally some good news to report.

I did well this week. I wrote down every morsel of food I put in my mouth, I managed to end the week with 10 or so flex points remaining, and shockingly enough I made it through the weekend without doing any major damage to my diet efforts. The results- 2 lbs. lost. And no, not a maybe I lost weight, I can’t tell, the scale’s broken type 2 lbs. It’s a definite 2 lb. loss.


Where has this mysterious motivation come from? Who really knows but I’m embracing it and milking it for as long as possible. I tried on all of my summer clothes I’m taking to St. Thomas last night and I’m pretty satisfied with the way it’s all fitting. I have 5 more days to keep up with this good behavior to ensure a happy, somewhat svelte Jessica on vacay. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t go on a daiquiri binge next week and regain everything I lost and then some.

I’d love it if I could come back from this trip weighing the same or even less because yea, the gauntlet has been thrown. The lovely Kristi, who we’re going to see in San Fran at the end of May, has made me aware that she’s has gone on a diet so she can lose weight before we come to town. Ummm, I love that girl dearly but we can’t have her looking all amazing while I’m still a big fat mess.

Yea, I’m a wee bit competitive when it comes to friends and weight loss but seriously, who isn’t?

My goal when I’m back from St. Thomas- lose as much weight as possible before Memorial Day weekend but not too much so all my new clothes still fit. Sounds do-able.

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