Wednesday, July 25, 2012

weekly wednesday weigh in

I’m on a friggin roll..and not a soft and slathered in butter one that under normal circumstances I would be consuming.

This week (or at least the last half of it) would have normally not been a good week for weight loss. I have either been busy or bored. No happy mediums. Both of those emotional states, for me at least, are prime time for stuffing my face with food but for some reason I didn’t go nuts. I kept my eye on the prize and either made smart choices to stuff my face with or portion controlled anything not so healthy that I just needed to have (like the birthday cake flavored cupcake that was 3 bites of sugary perfection).

I also became lax with counting points. I have discovered in the past that even though I think I’m eating well I may not actually be staying within my points because even the healthiest of stuff adds up and puts me over the edge way too quickly. And more often than not I chose to enjoy my little bit of downtime by watching TV rather than researching how many points a lamb slider would be. I probably didn’t even wanna know either…

I got lucky this time. Even with my not perfect eating and my journal slacker ways I still lost 1.5 lbs!!! High fives all around.

I’m just about a pound away from the lowest I’ve been (within the past year or so). That also means I’m almost out of the 5 lb. range I’ve been yo-yoing back and forth in recently. Here’s hoping that next week is the week I break out of that!

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