Friday, February 10, 2012

just another manic...friday??

Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE lateness...therefore, it's a rare occasion when I'm the one who's actually running late.

This morning was one of those rare occasions...and it was all because of me totally getting distracted by watching Princess Diaries 2 (can you say LOSER), reading up on this awesome blog, and browsing for acrylic necklaces. Maybe I should stay away from the laptop and only watch 1 hour of DVRed shows in the morning?

Even though I was rushing I still had time to make this pretty tasty egg white omelet with everything but the kitchen sink in it. Oh, and check out that fancy plate!


R.I.P Bacon Horseradish Dip. I finally used the last of it to top this omelet. You will be missed. Oh yea, FYI- 7 weight watcher points. Woot!

AND I also made some time to snap a few pics of my new hair.
I'm still going back and forth whether I'm into it or not. LOVEEEEE the cut. Not a fan of the already faded mousey brown. Yuck. As of right now I'm pretty sure it's gonna stay as is until I go back to the salon in April to freshen it up before vacation.

I must be real critical of myself this morning because I'm also feeling iffy about my nails as well.


I re-did them last night to go with a dress/shoes for a wedding tomorrow but I'm just not into them. They're to blah. I've been getting into nail art more and more and regular old polish with some glitter won't cut it anymore. I need to invest in some nail bling. I think that'll make me happy.

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