Wednesday, February 22, 2012

weekly wednesday weigh-in

No, it wasn’t a mistake that I didn’t post a WWW last week. I really wish it was, but I avoided that post like the plague. I know very well that I’m no longer trying and definitely not doing what I should be doing. My dieting attempts have almost all disappeared. There’s only one little glimmer of hope for weight loss success that I’ve been desperately hanging on to for last week or so. I have to start getting a better grasp on that last little bit of effort I have left in me if I have any hope of feeling good in a bathing suit come April.

We went grocery shopping last night and I’m proud to say that 80% of what I bought were vegetables. The dinner’s I’m making this week revolve around vegetables, prepared in all sorts of different ways, and lean meats. Even though I don’t usually jump for joy over vegetables I’m pretty excited for dinner this week. I’m finally getting around to making a stuffed butternut squash (which I’ve never done before but have wanted to for a while), roasting a chicken (also a first time for that) with a chocolate chipotle rub, and decided to play around with baking plantains on a whim.

I wish I could say this week has been all fine and dandy so far but I don’t think at this current point I’m ready to get into the details my shortcomings (all I’ll say is it involved chicken pot pie with extra gravy, a peanut butter cup, and an otherwise healthy egg omelet destroyed by garlic bread). I’m trying to focus on the positive steps I’m taking in the hopes that it will create more positive actions in my little dieting world. My first positive step- saying NO to strawberry fields!

My one big goal for our Valentine’s Day festivities was to have a strawberry fields sundae (originally saw it on the menu at Serendipity3- and I knew that even if we didn’t go there for dinner, I would make it at home). This sundae included a slice of cheesecake and strawberry ice cream topped with sliced strawberries, strawberry preserves, and whipped cream. Honestly, this is not a goal someone who’s trying to lose weight should have and unfortunately, I’m just going to have to put this little dream of mine on the back burner. Maybe I’ll be ready for it in a week or two, with good behavior.

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