Wednesday, May 9, 2012

a gift from him




A few weeks back Ryan bought me a dress. For no good reason other than the fact that I loved it. It wasn’t exactly cheap either. Well, maybe it wasn’t THAT expensive but it was still out of my price range. He also bought it knowing how many dresses I’ve already acquired this season. That means quite a bit considering I know how much he hates when I have too much of 1 particular thing. He wasn’t even expecting anything in return. The only thing he wanted was to see that big giant smile that took over my face when he told me that dress was going to be mine.

I’ll always love this dress..even when the color fades or when it eventually goes out of style. It’ll always be a reminder of him and how good he is to me.

Little memories like these are so crucial in a marriage, or in a relationship in general. There will inevitably lots of ups and downs and during those down times it helps if you can remember the wonderful qualities about your other half that made you both fall in love in the first place. That usually ends up being the first step in making everything better.

Oh and p.s- I apologize for the lack of a smile in that first picture. Hubby took the picture for me (he’s not exactly known for his photography skills) and he “forgot” to tell me he was taking it. It was probably more like he was in a rush and wanted the whole picture taking ordeal to be over so he just pressed the button. I made him take a few more but unfortunately, this one was the best. Gotta work with what I’m given… The other 2 not so horrible ones we’re taken by moi, thank you very much.

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