Thursday, May 31, 2012

home sweet home

Today’s the first day back to the normal grind and I’m just relishing in the fact that we’re back home!

Please, don’t get me wrong. San Fran was beyond awesome. I also know we’re lucky to have had the ability to take a week off and go to a great city to see some great friends but I am, unfortunately, a creature of habit… and I like being in my own home better than anywhere else.

It’s just so sooo nice to have a good night’s sleep on my own uber-comfy mattress, be able to drive my car when and where I want rather than being at the mercy of the San Francisco Muni system, and be able to eat some good old fashioned junk food! As good as it was for me (and as much as I want to keep up with it) I needed to take a detour off the healthy living train for a moment. The revelation that I hadn’t had pasta since I don’t know when occurred to me mid-afternoon yesterday (while I was starvinggg) and I then went on a mission to have a serious bowl of the good stuff for dinner. I didn’t feel too guilty about it either..being that the only other food I ate that day was a swiss roll from the Asian market and some Cheeto’s.

As strange as this may sound..I’m also kinda happy to be back at work. It’s nice to know that everything has pretty much stayed the same since I left and no big giant error I made has seemed to have shown it’s ugly face while I was gone (which is usually how things go down). I also seriously missed my morning routine of watching bad tv (namely Dog the Bounty Hunter and Don’t be Tardy for the Wedding re-runs), posting on my lil bloggy blog, checking other blogs I stalk admire, and my daily conversations with Deanna. Today’s topics include upcoming tattoo appointments, cross dressing bums, and the threat of a zombie apocalypse. C’mon, how could you not miss that?

But unfortunately, being home does have some downfalls. Rent needs to get paid, suitcases need to be unpacked, refrigerators need to be stocked, there’s new time zone’s that need to I need to become accustomed to. I guess I’m just gonna have to take the good with the bad on this one.

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