Wednesday, May 16, 2012

weekly wednesday weigh in

There was a little bit of a conflict going on in my bathroom this morning. Do I get on the scale..or don’t I? Would I be happier knowing or not knowing the result of last week’s efforts (that were, I must admit, lacking)? There was no defining moment where I made my decision one way or the other. While I was still contemplating this, I bent down and grabbed the scale and once it was in my hand there was no point in putting it back. I was gonna do it.

I had good reason for this reluctance to get on the scale. After last week’s mishap that made my calorie counter over estimate my necessary calorie intake I decided to take down my intake by 200 calories a day. I didn’t realize that 200 calories could be the difference between satisfied and starving. I have been no short of ravenous every single day by dinner time and have had maybe 300 or so calories to satisfy that hunger. Let’s be real..that’s not gonna cut it. My solution- ignore that calorie counter app and eat whatever I wanted (which, in my defense, was never that bad).

The consequences I faced could have been worse. According to the almighty scale…I stayed the same. And that was right after I ate breakfast sooo there’s a slim chance I might’ve even lost a little. I may re-weigh myself tomorrow and remember to do it before breakfast.

The better solution to this problem, rather than ignoring the app, is to reevaluate what I’m eating. I need more vegetables and low calorie meals in my life. But this solution is just going to have to wait a little while..the grocery shopping for the remainder of this week has been done and there’s none that'll be done for next week since it’ll be VACATION TIME! and we all know I’m not going to really do a good job dieting on vacay… I always say I will but I never do so yea, I’ll start fresh when I get home.

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