Wednesday, May 2, 2012

hunger games

This horribly addictive book, and the subsequent series of Catching Fire and Mockingjay, have been solely to blame for my sporadic posting habits as of late. It’s no lie that when I say that every spare moment of everyday for the past week have been devoted to these books, I even opted out of a nap to take time to read! But really, I must not have that much spare time since I’m only half way through the 2nd book…

Suzanne Collins is brilliant. Her writing is truly engaging and intriguing. The storyline is incredibly consuming..I’m starting to confuse the book with reality. No lie, I do get an instant twinge of worry that Peacekeepers will come to get me when I do something wrong lately and then I have to remind myself that oh yea, it’s a book. Peacekeepers aren’t real.

She also tends to ends every chapter leaving you wanting more which is usually the reason why I continue reading until I just can’t read anymore. This morning I actually woke up to find my phone on the floor, kindle app still open to the page I passed out in the middle of. Now that’s dedication. Yea, I’m so dedicated that I had a presentation at work this morning that I didn’t prepare for AT ALL because of course, I was too busy reading the book. I managed to make my way through it without making a fool out of myself though (thank you 5 years of COBRA knowledge).

In conclusion, I’d like to say I’m sorry, dear sweet blog (and my non-existent readers) if I’m a little flaky for another week or so. You have to understand, these books are the scholastic version of heroine. If I can’t get my reading in I’ll go through withdrawals and then really, what kind of shape would I be in to blog anyway?


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