Wednesday, May 9, 2012

weekly wednesday weigh in

All week long I had been using My Fitness Pal- a calorie counting website/app that I’m totally in love with. Everything was just fabulous. I was staying in my calorie range, eating healthier options, feeling my clothes fit a little better. The change in food tracking from points counting to using this app really helped me stay focused!

You can just imagine my confusion when I stepped on the scale this morning and gained a pound…

After looking over my profile options on MFP I realized that it had been set (probably from agessssss ago) to 3x a week under the dreaded category of exercise goals. I guess I was a lot more motivated back in the day? It would also explain the amount of calories I was allowed to take in, which I thought was kind of on the high side but I had brushed that off. I had put my faith in the app to tell me what was right..and who am I to question more calories anyway?

This past week was a rather wasted week on the weight loss front and I’m kinda bummed about it because it was nothing I (intentionally) did. I guess I’m just gonna have to be weighing a few more lbs than anticipated in Cali.

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