Thursday, June 28, 2012

never thought i'd say this but

I’m going camping???

Yea, I’m still not so sure how to feel about this. How’d this happen, you say? Wellllll, apparently someone in my circle of friends does an annual camping trip, there were some cancellations, and we were invited. My exact words were “Well, I’m definitely in (cuz god forbid I say no to anything) but you know how Ryan is“. And what I meant by “you know how Ryan is” is that he’s very scheduled, not very spontaneous (although 2 weeks notice is barely spontaneous), and can sometimes be a big stick in the mud in regards to big party atmospheres.

I went home and the conversation went something like this..

Me- Hey, wake up!!

Ryan- Why? What? Oh heyyy, you’re home.

Me- Yea, hi, soooo this is totally up to you and believe me I won’t be one ounce mad if you say no but the girls invited us camping the weekend after the fourth. The guys are all going along with like 50 other people we don’t know, lots of partying going on. What do you think?

Ryan- Sounds like fun. Let’s go online and price out tents. about a plan backfiring. What plan? I don’t really know..I didn’t have time to create a fool proof one. If I was smart I just wouldn’t have opened my mouth and blamed us not going on Ryan when he wasn’t around.

Since I’m kind of being a negative nancy about this let’s go through the cons of this trip first.

Cons- BUGS!! and even worse..bears!!, no cell phone service, the possibility of being hung over in the woods, the possibility of dealing with others being hung over in the woods, having to use a filthy shower (if I’m lucky- there could be none), no cell phone service, having to dress for function over fashion for 3 days, on that full face of make-up (you can’t make me give up my eyeliner though!!), having to walk in the dark to use a bathroom, oh..and did I mention no cell phone service??!!

And well, there has to be some good points since I am going under my own free will..

Pros- spending a weekend with my awesome friends, beers galore, white water rafting, making smores on a real camp fire (no more backyard fire pits for me!), having a little getaway from our normal routine, living off of BBQ food for 48 hours, oh and the slim possibility of seeing Jason Voorhees..from a distance of course.

Until the jury’s no longer out on my feelings towards this trip I’m just going to focus on what I have to bring because god knows I love to organize and pack for a trip. That should distract me until it’s time to leave. Here’s my list so far-


Sleeping arrangements- tent, air mattress, pillows, sheets, blanket


Food- burgers (with all the fixin’s), marinating shish kabobs, maybe some hot dogs and chicken?, everything for smores, a bag of cheddar potato stix (obviously), and once I figure out what we can bring for breakfast that’ll be added, too


Drinks- 24 pk. Of Corona’s, Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat, homemade rum punch (if I can get my hands on a jug with a spout), Pinnacle Gummy or 3 Olives Loopy Vodka (haven’t decided), and of course sprite, seltzer, water..all that stuff that actually hydrates


Clothing- boring and basic shorts, tank tops, sneakers, bathing suit, towel..just nothing I’d cry over if I got dirty beyond recognition.


Toiletries- shampoo, conditioner, hair tie, my precious eyeliner, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a body spray that is not bug attracting. I’m doing my best to keep it simple!


Miscellaneous survival gear- flashlight, toilet paper, bug spray, first aid kit, my camera(s) (I think that would fall under this category.. so would my cell phone although it’ll be acting more like a security blanket rather than being functional), and 2 tubes of Carmex- 1 to use and one in case I lose the first because god forbid…

Surprisingly, writing this post has been pretty therapeutic for me. I’m now feeling better about going and actually getting excited..mostly for white water rafting and shopping for camping supplies. However, my fear of contracting Lyme’s Disease still remains.

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