Thursday, June 7, 2012

www- on a thursday

Yup. I’m doing the weekly Wednesday weigh in today, on a Thursday. You know why? Cuz I make the rules around here! Well, real reason is I had full intentions of posting this last night but I got way too caught up in eating pizza and sleeping. Oopsie.

I haven’t done a WWW post in 3 weeks sooooo here’s what happened between then and now…

The week before vacation I wasn’t caring about what I was putting in my mouth as much as I should have. In my defense, it’s kind of hard when you have an empty fridge, you’re hungry, and needed food like 5 minutes ago. I do need to pat myself on the back because we took a trip to The Cheesecake Factory (a dieter’s own personal hell) and I ordered something off of the Skinnylicious menu, which was way less calories in comparison to the rest of the menu, and didn’t have cheesecake. Yay me. But don’t get me started on the term “Skinnylicious”. C’mon CF marketing team…you couldn’t come up with anything better? Unfortunately, I don’t know what the results were from my efforts (or lack thereof) that week. I didn’t have time to step on the scale before running off to the airport.

The next week I was in San Francisco..the land of healthy eating and steep hills. I thought I did marvelously for being on vacation. Morning’s (most of the time) started off with Kevin’s green smoothies, which were friggin delicious, and meals weren’t really top priority on our to-do list. We had way to many other things to see. I think I ate maybe 2-3 really “bad for you” meals all week. Plus, I learned (very quickly) to not eat heavy meals because there was guaranteed long walk from wherever we were. Walking on a full stomach equals no bueno for me. I was anticipating a few pound loss when we got home. My scale, apparently, didn’t agree. I gained 1 lb. Must’ve been all that muscle mass I gained from scaling those hills. Good theory, right?

My first week back home was, well, okay. I ate decently but I wasn’t tracking anything, which is really the most important thing. I’ve definitely learned that I think I’m doing fine and when I document it all I find that I’ve been doing atrociously. I did well on my birthday which was what I was most worried about. Both meals I ate out I cut in half which probably helped tremendously..although now I have tons of leftovers in my fridge that I don’t quite know what to do with. After having just an “okay” week I still had good news on the scale. I lost the 1 lb. I gained from vacation..maybe even 1.5..I couldn’t tell. I’m tryin not to get too excited though, it could’ve just been me losing that “muscle mass” I claimed to have gained on vacay.

So this week I’m getting back to tracking my calories and writing down everything I shove in my mouth. I’m also incorporating a lot more vegetables into my meals. That’s a good start. Currently, the only obstacle in my way is Saturday. There’s going to be wine, cheese, pizza, and deep fried goodies galore. Scary, I know…but I think I’ll get through it in 1 piece.

Here's hoping to a great week for weight loss!

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