Monday, August 27, 2012

fruit & mousse


We have a new obsession ‘round these parts. And I don’t mean “oh, we had it this one time, it was so good. I can’t wait to have it again” type obsessed. I mean obsessed like we’ve been eating this combo every single night for a week straight. Well, skinnyminny hubby eats it every night..I aim for every other night.

I stumbled upon fruit and mousse, or “foooot and moooos”  as we’ve been calling it, purely by accident. After this party we had right here was over and the leftovers were up for grabs no one wanted the lone container of whipped cream. But I’m not talking about cool whip. It was freshly whipped cream, or shlag (as it’s known in my very German family) and we all know you don’t let a good tub of shlag go to waste. I felt like it was my obligation to bring it home.

Once it found its way into my fridge I had my doubts that we would be able to finish it. I mean, it’s not like whipped cream is a normal part of our diets. I tossed around a few ideas in my head (Cupcakes with a fresh whipped cream topping? No. Continue to whip it and make fresh butter? Mmm, but no.) and then I remembered these Dove Chocolate baking bits I bought way back when. It was like the consultant’s voice from the chocolate party was in my head saying “melt these down, stir into some whipped cream and it’s like instant mousse.” I mean, how could I not remember that? That was the whole reason why I bought them! Little did I know I was making magic when I started melting the chocolate for this delightful little treat. The mousse turned out so light but still had a good chocolate flavor and the idea to chop a few of the peanut butter filled bits to stir in at the end was nothing short of brilliant. It paired way to nicely for our own good with the tray of fruit that was also stuffed into our party leftover bag.

Thankfully, the box of baking bits had 2 bags in it so a second batch was only a trip to the store and a pint of heavy cream away. It came together just as nicely as the first and but unfortunately, went twice as fast. Now I’ll have to find a substitute for the baking bits since I have no more and chocolate parties aren’t exactly a common occurrence for me (as much as I’d like them to be). It’ll be a tough, but tasty, job.

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