Tuesday, August 14, 2012

shopping problems

{Disclaimer: This post was originally intended for Thursday, LAST Thursday. How awful that it’s now Tuesday. But I’ve been just a wee bit preoccupied being obsessed with uhh, I mean training and caring for this mushbucket puppy butt right here..


How could you not want to spend 24/7 with that face?}

This is something so trivial and shallow but guess what? I’m gonna write about it anyway… deal with it.

I have a running “want list” where I keep track of the wonderful items I find while browsing online that I well…want and can’t necessarily afford at the current moment. Right now this, this, this, this, this, and this are currently on the list (along with plenty of other goodies, I'm sure)


You would think once I had some spare cash I’d pick the next few items that have been on the list the longest, or needed the most, and purchase them, right? Could someone please tell me why I just bought these


when they haven’t even made the list and quite honestly are not that necessary? Well, the boots have a purpose but the other 2 were purely bought out of want.

It’s completely irritating every time I do this. I’m caught off guard by an inspiring outfit in a photo or find things for a great deal and poof..the list disappears. Then almost instantly after I hit “confirm order” my brain reminds me that oh yea, I do have this list that hasn’t had anything bought off of it in months. Yes, months. Lord knows I’ve made plenty of purchases since summer began so why has nothing come off the list? Hmm? What kind of explanation do you have you horrible, irresponsible shopper?

Problem is I don’t have one. I just make hasty decisions without putting any thought into them when I’m blindsided.

From this point on I’m going to attempt to make smarter, more calculated shopping decisions. Or at least try to.

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