Wednesday, August 29, 2012

weekly wednesday weigh in

Do you know what happens when I’m doing well for a few weeks and everything’s awesome in the weight loss department? I start getting a little too lenient, taking my past successes for granted. And that’s precisely what I did this week. Even with my half hour a day walks and endless playing with the Murph-meister paired my (slightly less severe) stress related lack of food I still managed to gain a pound back.

But man, did I deserve it!

Saturday night was the worst. We went out to celebrate birthday’s for these two crazy kids.


And what do I do when I’m on the deck of a restaurant with the Long Island Sound underneath my feet and boats are docked as far as the eye can see? Order a heaping mound of fried sea food, duh. I mean really, what do you want me to do when there’s a giant bottle of tartar sauce on the table? My menu choices included fried calamari (to which I said screw the marinara for dipping when there’s tartar to be had), cheese fries, and onion rings…all to share of course because well, I’m a lady. You would think I would have ordered a side salad as my main course after all that madness but nope. A fried clam strip sandwich, with more fries, was what I went with. It was all so wonderfully delicious but when I was about half way through my sandwich I hit a food wall and thought I really may die if I took another bite {note to self- appetizers are not necessary at Jeremy’s Ale House}.

Since we all felt like Fatty McFat’s when we left we thought it’d be best to walk the Nautical Mile to you know, help digest our food (or make us feel less guilty about the damage that we just inflicted on our arteries- whichever you prefer) but of course we came across Pip’s and just had to stop in for ice cream. My stomach still hasn’t forgiven me..

A second runner up to Saturday night’s weight loss suicide mission was Friday night when we went to check out a new cupcakery and I happily polished off a chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake that was rather large (aka I could barely fit it in my mouth). Everyone else said they were too sweet and too big. I didn’t see the problem.

Sooo, yea. After recapping this past weekend I think I’m going to take my 1 lb. gain and not complain about it at all. I’m lucky it was just a pound.

P.s- I’m starting to count points again as of like, right now. I’d still like to keep the 4 lb.’s I have lost off, pleaseandthankyou.

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