Wednesday, August 1, 2012

weekly wednesday weigh in

It completely slipped my mind that I had to weigh in this morning. I got a little too caught up in putting away clothes that had been thrown on the floor, making the bed, then picking out an outfit for work AND dinner later tonight all because when I get home today I will be greeted by not only the usually hubbykins but all of my in-laws as well. Joy! Don’t get me wrong, I love them all dearly but 15 minutes of alone time when I walk through the door would’ve been nice…

Lately I have been so busy, high strung, and just out of sorts that I’ve been forgetting lots of more important things than weighing that my car was in desperate need of gas, that I usually have to cook dinner instead of watch 2 hours of 48 hours when I get home from work, oh..and that there are bills to pay. I tend to get extremely absent minded when there’s something I’m focusing all of my attention on and right now the focus of my attention is my father in law’s surprise retirement party.

The party is coming up soon and there’s really not that much left to do. It’s just a matter of making some food, picking up a cooler (and some more beers to put in the cooler), and then have our distraction tactic and party set up go smoothly. So why am I still stressing? Well, cuz that’s just what I do. I’m a bundle of nerves when I’m desperate for something to go perfectly and the only solution to make it go away is just to have the party be over. So, I’m just going to embrace that I may leave the stove on or forget to lock the door and that I may jump down someone’s throat when they question me about it for the next few days. I just can’t promise everyone else will, though.

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