Saturday, August 4, 2012

summertime failure

That's exactly what I am. Remember that time I made a list? A list of all the awesome things I wanted to do this summer? I haven't even done half of them. Not even close..

Since it just finally dawned on me this morning that oh yea, it's August that previous thought also hit me as well. That means only 4 more weekends (since this weekend is out for any fun excursions) until Labor Day and the official end of summer. I really better get a move on seeing as I've only been to the beach once and haven't even had any Mister Softee. What a shame.. 

There have been some successes though

We took an amazing vacation

We went camping for the first time

And oh yea, I went to the beach that one time..

I still have 4 more weeks.

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