Wednesday, August 22, 2012

weekly wednesday weigh in

Yeaaaaaaaaah buddy!!!!

That’s exactly what I said when I stepped on the scale this morning. I couldn’t believe my eyes..I’m another 2.5 lbs. down. That’s from like 2 weeks ago but whatever. It’s still amazeballs.

I actually started to set myself up for failure as I was heading to the bathroom saying such things as well, you know you’ve been living off of French toast for breakfast all week and that half a sandwich you ate last night had A LOT of bleu cheese on it. Oh, and let’s not forget about buffalo chicken/shepard’s pie combo you had for lunch and what were you thinking drinking that frozen raspberry coffee concoction? After all those loving, confidence boosting thoughts I considered backing down but I was just way to curious for my own good. I HAD to know. And thank god for that curiosity because that loss made my otherwise stressful, busy morning much more happy.

And who do I have to credit for this now total 5 lb. loss?


This little furry ball of energy right here. I spend most of my days running around after him..mostly to make sure he doesn’t pop a squat anywhere other than his wee wee pad. There’s also those almost hour long walks he just lovessss to take in the mornings. Then there’s the fact that I haven’t actually sat down and enjoyed a full meal in almost 2 weeks because I’m worried about something that’s going on with him. But hey, if that’s what it takes to knock this weight off then I’ll take it. Nothing else seemed to be working anyway.

So thank you Murphy for making mama thinner uhh, healthier. Yea, I meant healthier. :)

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