Thursday, August 23, 2012

murphy update: week 2, the great outdoors


This week my motto has been “Screw those stupid vaccines, this dog needs to go outside!”.. so outside we’ve been going. But only for a morning potty break and a short little walk to start some leash training (maybe, if he’ll ever listen). I’m not brave to completely disregard the fact that my dog is still missing some vaccines and therefore susceptible to whatever strange diseases he’s not protected against but I talk a big talk, right?

He’s been making definite progress on his walks since starting last Friday when everything and anything found its way into his mouth. I’ve found out he’s especially fond of cigarette butts and wild mushrooms. Wonderful. He’s starting to learn the command “Leave it” but that seems to only work when it’s said before whatever he’s after goes into his mouth. Once it’s in his mouth Leave it then means run away as fast as I can. Then I spend the next few minutes reeling him in like a fish with the leash, prying his jaw open, and pulling out whatever he’s captured if he hasn’t swallowed it already. This is what my morning’s are now filled with. Once upon a time they were relaxing…

And did I mention he’s not eating? Yea, that’s started..and I think it’s due to the parasite medication he’s been on. Of course he has a parasite. Everything that could go wrong with this little guy did because nothing could ever be easy..nope, not for me. So, needless to say mealtimes have been stressful because he now has 2 medications he needs to take with food that he doesn’t want to eat. But he did manage to make a liar out of me at the vet’s office when he scarfed down a platter of food they brought him when I went there claiming he wouldn’t eat. Little brat. I guess he’s just gonna get spoiled with the foods he actually wants to eat till Saturday when he comes off all the meds. Then it’ll be puppy kibble or bust.

And how am I doing? I’m tired. I’m stressed. I feel like my life revolves around this 7.5 lb. little maniac. But I love him and I keep reminding myself that he’s just a puppy. Soon enough he’ll be all healthy and he’ll calm down. He’ll start to become more independent and require less attention and then I’ll yearn for these days when he needed me oh so bad. He’s already started to prefer spending our little “wind down” time at the end of the day on the mattress rather than on my chest. That was the one part of puppyhood I wasn’t ready to let go of quite yet.

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